I love working with salvaged and recycled wood.  Wood that has lived a life as a door to an old house, shelving in a garage, or a massive beam in a warehouse can be given a second chance as something new.  The older wood has had a chance to acquire character over the years and things such as bolt and nail holes can be highlighted to pay homage to the life the wood once led. 

Wood salvaged from old buildings built many years ago in the NW came from massive old growth Douglas Fir trees.  The wood milled from these trees yielded very tight grained, high quality wood that is very rarely seen in trees harvested today.  The color of the wood is richer and seems to glow from within.

By using salvaged wood, that same quality of wood can be had without cutting new trees down.  A perfect material for green building, restoration woodwork, and adding a unique, truly custom look to your home.  

I can work with you to create whatever your heart desires to fit into your home.